For Sellers

Selling Your Home

When selling a home there are no guarantees that a buyer is going to walk through your front door. In many cases we have to take the house to the buyer. Recent technology allows us through still photos and virtual tours to bring our sellers property into a potential buyer’s living room. By the time a buyer walks into your property they have a pretty good idea in what to expect from your house.

There are numbers of aspects that can help sell your home such as, the first impression a buyer gets from your house, the appearance of your house and most important other comparable sales in your area.

Setting the price of your home

There are three main factors that will determine whether your house will sell quickly or even sell at all.

  • Condition
  • Location
  • Price

The price of your house should not be dealt with lightly and, some sellers tend to put too much emphasis on the price and not the condition, ending up with a house that is overpriced for its current condition and market.

There are several reasons why care and time should be part of pricing your home accurately.

If a house is overpriced it will not sell or appraise. If the house does not sell and sits on the market the listing becomes stale.

If you list with a price that is too high with the intentions of reducing it later “just to see what will happen”, when the price is lowered it signals to buyers that is was and still is overpriced.

If the house is priced to low, it will most likely sell quickly, to the detriment of your proceeds.

Some factors that affect the price of your home

Condition: A house that has been maintained and updated will show better than a house that has been neglected and needs work.

Location: This is something you can’t get away from. If your house is in a desirable area it will sell more than a house in a less desirable area.

Desirable amenities: If the house has amenities that buyers desire and are popular in the marketplace, it will bring a higher price.